Louisville’s Greatest Awards – 2014 RESULTS

Now that we have entered 2015, it’s time to start looking back at what we experienced in 2014. From restaurants to real estate, Louisville saw some pretty amazing changes, and quite a bit of progress. Based on my personal experience, a few friends, and input from social media throughout the entire year, I have decided to reveal some of the greatest things in Louisville for 2014. There is so much awesomeness that it’s hard to include everyone. Louisville’s Greatest Awards came about based on the following criteria:

Restaurants/pubs: Price, service, product, and atmosphere
Events: Popularity, organization, amenities
Real Estate: All data taken from the Greater Louisville MLS

Best New Restaurant

  1. Louvino (Highlands)
  2. Loop 22 (Highlands)
  3. Roux (Highlands)

Best Old Restaurant

  1. Porcini (Crescent Hill)
  2. Seviche (Highlands)
  3. Jack’s / Equus (St Matthews)

Best Spot for Craft Beer

  1. Holy Grale (Highlands)
  2. Crescent Hill Craft House (Crescent Hill)
  3. Louisville Beer Store (NuLu)

Best Spot for Bourbon

  1. Silver Dollar (Clifton)
  2. Cafe Lou Lou (St Matthews / Highlands)
  3. Bourbon’s Bistro (Clifton)

Best Late Night Eats

  1. Rumplings Slurp Shop (Highlands)
  2. The Ville Taquería (St Matthews)
  3. DiOrio’s Pizza (Highlands / St Matthews)

Best Local Beer

  1. Great Flood Brewing Co
  2. Apocalypse Brew Works
  3. Bluegrass Brewing Company

Best Food Truck

  1. Grind Burger Kitchen
  2. Lil’ Cheezers
  3. Longshot Lobsta

Best Spring Event

  1. St. Patrick’s Parade (Highlands)
  2. Cherokee Triangle Art Fair (Highlands)
  3. Old Louisville Spring Fest (Old Louisville)

Best Summer Event

  1. Waterfront Wednesdays (Big Four Lawn)
  2. Forecastle Festival (Waterfront Park Great Lawn)
  3. Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration (Crescent Hill)

Best Fall Event

  1. St James Art Fair (Old Louisville)
  2. Highlands Fest (Highlands)
  3. Gaslight Festival (Jeffersontown)

Best Winter Event

  1. Light Up Louisville (Central Downtown)
  2. Lights Under Louisville (Louisville Mega Cavern)
  3. 502 Restaurant Week (Multiple Locations)

Best Chain Restaurant

  1. Chuy’s
  2. Blaze Pizza
  3. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Quickest Home Sales by Zip Code

  1. 40217 (Germantown) –         34 Days on Market (avg.)
  2. 40205 (Upper Highlands) – 40 Days on Market (avg.)
  3. 40204 (Lower Highlands) – 42 Days on Market (avg.)

Highest Average Home Sale by Zip Code

  1. 40025 (Glenview) –                    $1,624,000 (avg. sale price)
  2. 40059 (Prospect) –                         $432,122 (avg. sale price)
  3. 40202 (Central Downtown)    $321,538 (avg. sale price)

Most Expensive Home Sale by Zip Code

  1. 40025 (Glenview) –                        $3,000,000
  2. 40222 (Glenview) –                        $2,222,500
  3. 40207 (Mockingbird Valley) – $2,000,000

Happy new year! This is just a snapshot of how awesome Louisville is. Thinking about moving to Louisville or relocating within Louisville? I would love to speak with you about your next Louisville home – 502.509.9278 – justin@metrolouisvillemls.net

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