Highland Morning is Opening in St Matthews

One of the best breakfast spots in Louisville happens to sit right in the middle of the Highlands. The cozy, cool, delicious breakfast restaurant, Highland Morning, has just recently celebrated five years of success at their Bardstown Rd location, and now it looks like there’s more to celebrate. The owners of Highland Morning seem to follow the model of make sure it works, and works well before we just go opening a bunch of restaurants. That model makes sense. If you look at some of the recent antics around the Highlands and our city in general, one must conclude that certain people view opening restaurants as a hobby…or a habit. I see a billboard with Jay-Z lyrics on it, “Grand opening, grand closing”, a sentiment I feel has rushed through the Highlands over the last year or so. However, among the fly-by-nights, strong and successful restaurants are still appearing. In fact, we have seen some of the strongest restaurants in Louisville history show up over the last few years. When you do it correctly, your restaurant should be able to sustain. And with all that said, Highland Morning is preparing to open a well-planned second location at 111 St Matthews Ave next to Trinity High School.

Preparing for an early August opening date, the folks at Highland Morning have already begun renovating the space that was most recently home to the grilled cheese restaurant, Tom + Chee. The new location has somewhere around 3,000 sq ft, which seems to be quite a bit larger than the original location on Bardstown Rd. The hiring process has already started for the new St Matthews location, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a job, they are hiring front of the house and back of the house employees. Call 502-365-3900 for more information about how to apply.

Even though the neighborhood is different, the name remains the same, as will the majority of the menu. Highland Morning has a solid product, and a great brand. These are the types of restaurants that succeed in Louisville. No need to change too much, however there was mention of brightening up some of menu offerings. Don’t worry, though, the original Bardstown Rd location isn’t going anywhere. The St Matthews location will be store #2. Now you have a choice as to where you enjoy your Highland Morning breakfast. I’m excited to visit the new location and check it out. I think these guys have done it right!

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