502 Restaurant Week 2014

502-Restaurant-WeekIt’s time once again for 502 Restaurant Week, an annual event giving diners a special experience for a special price at some of Louisville’s most outstanding restaurants. This is only the second year for 502 Restaurant Week, but with such a great response to last year’s inaugural event, they have extended the festivities for 2014. This year you will be able to enjoy 502 Restaurant Week for fifteen days, and just as last year, a portion of all restaurants’ proceeds will go to benefit Louisville’s Dare to Care food bank! That’s right, from February 19th to March 5th you are encouraged to try a few restaurants around Louisville that you may have never tried, all while supporting a great cause.

502 Restaurant Week is basically a showcase for Louisville restaurants and a chance for locals to enjoy great food for a great price. Each of the participating restaurants comes up with a KY_-_Dare_to_Carespecial, 3-course menu for the duration of the event. The special menu is offered for a price of either $50.20 per person or $50.20 per couple depending on the restaurant. While we are on the topic of money, that price does not include beverages or taxes, nor does it include gratuity. Yes, gratuity is part of eating out so plan accordingly. If your server does a good job (polite, attentive, and accurate) you should plan on leaving an $11 (20%) tip on top of the $53 bill (50.20 + tax). If your server offers suggestions or pairings, knows the answers to your menu questions and guides you accordingly, and just simply makes your dining experience better; then you need to be prepared to leave a $16-$20 (30% +) tip on the $53 bill.

The whole event kicks off tonight, February 17th, 2014 downtown at the Hyatt for Taste of 502. If you can’t make it for the tasting, try to get out a couple times during the 15-day event and try some of Louisville’s amazing restaurants!

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